Holter monitor is a portable ECG recorder that can be worn throughout the day. Electrodes are placed on your chest, electrical signals from the heart are recorded and stored in the Holter monitor. You will be advised to note down your activities and symptoms such as rapid heartbeats, dizziness or fainting episodes. After the test is complete, the Holter monitor is connected to a special computer that can analyze the recording.


The automatic analysis commonly provides the physician with information about heart beat morphology, beat interval measurement, heart rate variability, rhythm overview and patient diary (moments when the patient pressed the patient button). Advanced systems also perform spectral analysis, ischemic burden evaluation, graph of patient’s activity or PQ segment analysis. Another requirement is the ability ofpacemaker detection and analysis. Such ability is useful when one wants to check the correct pacemaker function.


Loop Recorders/Reveal Device

For prolonged heart monitoring, we implant these devices under the skin if needed.